«Really, bitch/nigga?» «I’d’a beat his ass

In Star Wars Legacy http://grainsbiz.com/riots-broke-out-in-various-major-cities-around-the-country/, Darth Krayt suffers from a parasitic infection that is slowly killing him, and needs to go into stasis for long periods of time to slow the spread. Perhaps more...

Gou ends up setting him loose

Landlord: Ryouji is Yuki’s and Tetsu’s landlord. ‘til the very end! Theme song for the Super Buddies, by L Ron (Extended dance mix). In his office are two fat folders stuffed with abusive and threatening mail. You know, the mother of his boss. And...

Cloud Cuckoo Lander: Ceda Kuru Quan

When done in works, most often Fan Fic, and the avatar becomes a central figure in the story, it becomes a Self Insert Fic. Cloud Cuckoo Lander: Ceda Kuru Quan, who jumpes from thread to thread during every discussion. Failure Gambit: Worst Loadout series in a...

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